What are the Upcoming Admissions in the US?

Updated on November 3rd, 2021

US universities and colleges offer three admission options. In some institutions, inclusion may also be referred to as a term. The three intakes in the US (US intakes 2022 & US intakes 2021) are:

  • Fall: starts in August / September
  • Spring: starts in January; it's better for you if you miss your September / Fall intake
  • Summer - Available for limited programs and colleges, summer admission usually begins around May


What intake should I choose?

Choosing the best intakes to study abroad for you can be a bit confusing. Consider factors such as the availability of your preferred program and universities, your academic performance, intakes test scores, acceptance rates, job abroad openings, and your willingness to participate in the program while making a decision. If you don't have your scorecards ready, we recommend skipping the rush and requesting the next listing.

To make an informed decision, you can book a free consultation with our experienced Unibays educational consultant who will advise you on study abroad options, the visa application process, and procedures.


Here is an overview of admission and its duration in American universities and colleges:

  • Fall semester: August to December
  • Spring semester: January to April
  • Summer semester: May to August

Admission varies by institution and program. The application deadlines for each degree program are usually a few months before the start date. It is strongly recommended that you apply early to maximize your chances of admission to college or university. Talk to your Unibays education advisor for more information.


Unibays educational consultant advises students and parents free of charge and impartially in the choice of courses and educational institutions according to their tastes and academic abilities. We guarantee to help students choose the location and provide post-admission assistance and services such as airport pickup and accommodation. We offer you to study in the US at the best price and affordable living.

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