Frequently Asked Questions on Studying Abroad in 2022

Updated on November 5th, 2021

Studying abroad can be one of the most memorable experiences for a college student. Studying abroad allows students to study in a foreign country and experience the fascination and culture of the new country. 


The main reason you might consider studying abroad is the opportunity to learn about different types of education. Enrolling abroad gives you the opportunity to see a side of your specialization that you may not have seen in your country. Here are the most frequently asked questions on studying abroad in 2022!


What countries are free to study abroad?

Here is the list of free education countries to study overseas


How do Indians study abroad?

  • Research well
  • Speak with one of our Unibays Educational Consultant
  • Make your application
  • Offer acceptance
  • Student visa
  • Figure out where you’ll live
  • Book your flights in time
  • Ready, set, go


Where do most Indian students study abroad?

More than 1.2 million Indian students are now studying in foreign universities, double the number ten years ago. 219,000 Indian students are in UAE, Canada 215,720, US 211,930, Australia 92,383, Saudi Arabia 80,800, UK 55,465 and Oman 43,600, August 16, 2021


Is it better to study abroad or in India?

With the various funding and scholarship options, it is the best option for going abroad to study. You can also do your undergraduate studies in India, get a job, work for three to four years, save money and finance your graduate studies abroad.


Why is foreign education better than Indian education?

Studying abroad offer students a wide range of study opportunities and a wide range of skills-based training. The Indian university does not provide other course options, while the university abroad gives you a greater depth of study and a more comprehensive range of courses.


Is studying in the UK more expensive than in Australia?

The average tuition fee for an international student to study in the UK is £ 12,705 per year, but the cost of studying medicine can go up to £ 38,000 per year. Australian tuition fees for international students are around £ 10,885 a year, cheaper than in the UK.


What are the study abroad locations for summer 2022?

Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2022

  • Italy: With its amazing food, friendly language, wonderful art, and dynamic history, Italy is the most sought-after destination for seeking study abroad students.
  • Spain: Spain has historic festivals, siestas, and flamenco dancers
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • China


How can I work abroad with no experience?

10 overseas jobs that require no experience

  • Hotel attendant. National average salary: $24,477 per year.
  • Tour guide. National average salary: $28,873 per year.
  • Event planning intern. National average salary: $33,121 per year.
  • Landscape laborer
  • Hotel housekeeper
  • Server
  • Hotel front desk clerk
  • Nanny


Which country is best for a job for Indians?

Here, we have collected a list of the best 7 countries for Indian tech specialists where plentiful job openings are waiting for them.

  1. The USA: Well, the US is the dreamland for technologists from across the globe.
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. UK
  5. Switzerland
  6. Germany
  7. New Zealand


Can I study abroad for 20 lakhs?

A good suggestion for applicants looking to study abroad for less than Rs 20 lakhs is to look for universities with low tuition fees in addition to shorter courses. Students should also choose state universities over private universities, as the tuition fees at the latter are too expensive.


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