Unibays Education Services Ltd is directly or indirectly affiliated with over 500 educational institutes all over the world to study abroad with a vision of making quality higher education possible for the students.

Unibays educational consultant provides free and unbiased advice to students and parents in regards to the choice of courses and educational institutes by their taste and academic ability. We guarantee to help students to settle in their choice of locations and provide post-admission help and services such as airport picking and accommodation for studying overseas.


To make quality higher education possible for aspiring students to study abroad, in particular to the Kerala region and the vicinity, in South India.

Our ardent desire is to uplift young talents who are under-represented historically and demographically. We are profoundly keen to facilitate international education at affordable lengths to those students who otherwise are devoid of opportunities, and our efforts will be to open avenues to eligible students and enable them to pursue higher studies overseas.


1. To provide free and unbiased advice to students for studying overseas through our communication channels and network of institutions.

2. To provide post-admission and IAG services that would enable students to settle and study abroad in their desired location, in compliance with statutory frameworks in respective countries.

  • Core Values
  • Student Focus
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration and Public Engagement
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